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Swinging outside in the garden is an activity that is so easy, amusing and fun for the family more than any other activity.  It is a healthy and an affordable way to spend your free or spare time with your family. In addition to that, it helps you communicate more with your spouse or children. However, there is also a challenge on how you can obtain and install outdoor swings and what the best swingsets for your backyard are. If you are in this dilemma worry no more because you will soon find out before you are done reading this article.

Types of swing sets

There are many types of swing sets currently available in the market based on the material used to make them, brand, model, style and design. However, the main classification is done based on the material used to manufacture them. In most instances, the swing sets that you are going to see in the market are made of:


Metal swing sets are known to be the classic ones and I believe that you have seen or even enjoyed some even if it’s in a public place such as restaurant, kids’ festivals among other places. Metal swing sets are commonly used and preferred especially in public places because they are simple, robust, sustainable to different weather conditions, can hold any weight,  and they are relatively cheap. They are a perfect budget solution for anyone who likes swinging.

If you are interested with having more luxury and you can afford it, then the best swing set for your backyard will be the wooden type. This is more beautiful and more featured than the metal ones. They are also safer for kids because they do not become too hot while under the sun therefore touching them directly does not put the child in danger. They can also be adjusted in future to give room for expansion.  This means that they can be easily customized according to the most preferred design and shape.  This adds more beauty and attractiveness making creativity to be put into a test. The other good attribute of wooden swings is that they blend excellently with any type of backyard. The only disadvantage of the wooden type is that they need to be protected from rain and moisture.

Plastic swing sets on the other hand appeared in the market not long ago and they are still gaining popularity. They compete on pricing with the metal swings while at the same time their features are rich as the ones for the metal swings. But that plastic ones are cheaper than the other two types. One of the greatest advantages of plastic swing sets is that they are lightweight and can be moved easily. Most of the plastic swing sets can be used indoors which is not the case with the metal and wooden sets.

Purchasing swing sets

When it comes to buying the best swing sets for your backyard, the question remains on whether to buy new or used ones. This depends on your budget. If you can afford new swings, then buy new. However, used swings can save you about 50% of the price.  Apart from this saving, you need to put into consideration the distance you will have to transport. If it is a long distance, then buying a second hand one the saving will be lost. Another reason that you may consider buying used swing sets is that some great classic models are no longer popular and they can’t be found as new in the market. The only way to obtain them is by buying used ones or building them yourself.

Building swing sets yourself?

This is not as hard as you may think. Remember that most new swing sets come in form of a kit meaning that there will be some form of building in your part. Building a swing set yourself entirely from scratch is not very hard but it is emotionally rewarding. In addition, it is a way of saving some money. If you decide to build your own swing set, most probably you will use wood material. Therefore, you will need some basic tools such as saw, hammer, screws and nails. The best way to start is by downloading some swing set plans from the web to help guide you during your work.

Up to this point I believe that you now choose the best swing set for your backyard putting your children into consideration. This is because the swing set is not only for the back yard but to be used by your spouse or children. We therefore need to understand that although kids love playing outside, they can be bored with basic outdoor activities.  To keep your kids happy and active outside, you should consider buying an outdoor play center or juggle gym type of activity. We all have memories of swinging in our backyard as kids but today kids have a huge selection of play structures to choose from. For more info  check out this site .

Shop around and become familiar with what is available and the type of activities that your children will enjoy. Today, most toy stores, departmental stores and home improvement stores have a large selection of play structures. Also most stores have displays setup. These displays can give you an idea as to what the new toy will look like in your backyard and whether or not it will be appropriate for your child’s ability level and the space to set up the structure. Despite it being nice to view the selection of local play centers, you can also examine a number of different online retailers. The best thing about online shopping is that they have a larger product selection as compared to most traditional retail stores.
Ensure you check whether the play equipment has all the accompaniments. For instance, Swing sets often come equipped with swings, slides, teeter totters and monkey bars.  By doing this, you will not regret after purchasing one.